Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Spring 2019 Quilt Market - More Collections

Spring 2019 Quilt Market 
Other Collections that caught my eye.

by 1 Canoe 2

I don't normally gravitate towards collections like this but this collection is just SO pretty! 
The main floral is the perfect size for just about any project.  I would probably fussy cut if I was using the main floral print for a HST (half square triangle).  The light gold/taupe/coral combination in this cream colorway really stand-out in this collection! 

I like the colorways separately, but in my opinion, I don't feel they play well together to all be used in the same quilt/project.  Therefore, I will be cherry picking this collection and curating my own Fat Quarter bundles for my shop.  (The prints I choose will also be available by the HY and Yard in my shop Tillalili).

I wasn't a fan of the striped print. This collection has more of a sophisticated feeling to have such a child-like stripe. I would have preferred a clean, sharp edge on the stripes. The colors were also a little too muddled for me.  

Here are the other colorways in GOLDENROD.  I absolutely love, love, love the peachy/coral colorway.  The white tone-on-tone tiny floral is the same print as the peach tone-on-tone tiny floral 3 prints below it.  It's a nice delicate print and would be a very pretty background/sashing. The minty colorway is really pretty as well.  I can picture some throw pillows for use on porch furniture made with just the mint large floral.  It would have to be for NEXT Spring/Summer since this collection doesn't ship until November, 2019. 

The Navy colorway is a deep, matt navy.  If these are the colors in your d├ęcor, you are going to love the navy colorway.  I can picture a fabric zipper pouch made with the navy main floral print on the outside, and the herringbone print pictured below it as the inside lining.  Wouldn't that be beautiful? 

Next Market Collection... 

Painted Meadow

by Robin Pickens

Robin has worked hard to bring us so many great collections in such a short amount of time. I think this has to be my favorite collection that Robin has done so far!  Loving the Coneflowers!!! 

I'll be cherry picking bolts of fabric from this collection for my shop, and of course, I'll have precuts. Which precuts would you like to have in this collection?  Leave a comment below.

The white tone-on-tone "Thatched" print is a carryover from other collections.  It's sort of Robin's signature blender.  It's the same print as the pink, 6 prints below.  The Thatched print comes in all the colorways in this collection. That will be good to have since there's a lot of larger floral prints that will need a blender, especially a tone-on-tone blender that can appear as a solid.  I bet it would be great as a bag lining!

There are some really fun prints in this collection that make it perfect for a baby quilt too!
Isn't the paisley sweet?!  It almost doesn't even look like a paisley pattern.  It could be droplets of water with a baby cone flower inside of the water. (
My imagination works over time!)

One last note about Robin, she is a true artist.  I like that she doesn't load us up with striped fabric, and/or dots.  Wouldn't you agree that quilters have a ton of stripes and dots?  I much rather have another tone-on-tone print than stripes in 7 colors, and dots in 5 colors.  Whether the stripes are on the bias or not, they're still stripes!!  

I would love to hear what you think about the collections so far.
Please feel free to leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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  1. I'm in love with Painted Meadow! I'll definitely be ordering some.

    1. I knew I had to order it as soon as I saw those coneflowers! Glad to hear you like it too!

  2. Love the stack of the pinks of Painted Meadow! I want that exact grouping!

    1. I love that colorway!! I'll have them available in November!! yay!!