Monday, February 4, 2019

February 2019 Fat Quarter Club

Tillalili Fat Quarter Club
February 2019

(Important club message at the end!)

Hello Members! 
    Do you remember I mentioned that some months might be a "Smorgasbord" of fabric?
Well, I had planned a new collection from Riley Blake for February but it hasn't shipped yet!!  So.... on to plan B! (which I am basically winging)

For the 5 FQ club I was able to curate a bundle from the gorgeous collection "Summer Blush" by Sedef Imer for Riley Blake.  Summer Blush will surely help get you started on Easter projects and/or Mother's Day gifts. 

The 10 FQ club is having a semi-Smorgasbord month.  There are various different curated bundles going out to the 10  FQ club members.  I'm keeping your color likes and dislikes in mind while curating these bundles. 

If you said yes on your registration form to receiving Stacy Iest Hsu panels, you are getting the TWO panels from the enchanting "Once Upon A Time" collection from Moda.  Each panel is the equivalent of 4 fat quarters.  You are also receiving 2 additional misc. fat quarters in either pink or lavender to compliment the panels, or to use as stash builders.

One panel is Princess dolls and a horse, while the other panel is an interactive castle tote.
It can easily be carried with the handles included.  These will be fun to embellish!
I can't imagine a little girl wouldn't love getting these in her Easter basket!!

I still had to figure out what to do about all the other club bundles.  Then I remembered I have a great stash of fat quarters put away for quilt shows.  Since I'm not a vendor at any quilt shows this year, I can use those!  I pulled out some fabulous Art Gallery Fabrics collections.  These collections are a rare find in shops or online these days.  

So some of the 10 FQ club members are receiving collections from the former Art Gallery Designer, Jeni Baker of  In Color Order.   I curated bundles using prints from Jeni's collections Geometric Bliss and Color Me Retro.  Some bundles will also include a few complimentary prints from the Art Gallery Fabrics Designer, Pat Bravo.  Pat and her husband Walter are the founders and owners of Art Gallery Fabrics.

I still didn't have enough fabric for all the bundles so some members are getting the ever popular "Sweetness" by Sandy Gervais.  Sweetness has the most beautiful shade of Taupe! This is the last of my stock so plan wisely.  There's a few precuts in my shop while supplies last. 


It didn't stop there.  I ran out again! (at this point I'm shaking my head and laughing).
Luckily I had some extra bundles from last year with the Wistful Winds collection by Shari Butler from Doohickey Designs for Riley Blake.  Wistful Winds is a great, bright collection with lots of primary colors.  It's full of the happiest of colors! 


Hope everyone has gotten something they like and can use for the upcoming holidays in their home, or for gifts.  

Just a reminder, the club has a Facebook group for members.  Use the group page to share your bundles and projects.  You can also offer any FQs for trade that you may not want.  You never know, someone might love the fabric you don't and vice versa.  There's already been photos of great projects from January's bundle.  Click HERE and request to join.  The club is for members only. 

Important message to members: 
If you have any questions regarding the club, please check your welcome letter before emailing me with your question. I'm receiving a lot of emails with questions that were answered in the Welcome letter.  I would be happy to answer any question(s) you have if the answer is not in the Welcome letter. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 

PLEASE NOTE:  There has been another increase in postage.  Since the February bundles were already paid for, I am absorbing the cost of the increase.  Future invoices will be changed to reflect the increase.

USPS has gone back to shipping fees according to the destination of the article being sent.  Therefore, your shipping fees will not be the same as everyone else. Packages are shipped from CT.  The father away from CT, the larger the increase.  USPS is really making it hard for the "little guys" in business!

I would love to hear if you like the club newsletter and fabric information being on the blog.
Please comment below.  Thanks!