Friday, January 2, 2015

Clover and Violet "Cecelia Bag" Pattern Test

I'm excited to be doing pattern testing for a new bag pattern by Violet and Clover.  The Cecelia Bag is roomy, full of pockets, and will definitely be the perfect "on the go" bag. 

I decided to make one in Black and White to use in the Spring/Summer.  It was fun putting the patchwork together for the pockets. This could be made really scrappy and use up some of those scraps we can't bare to discard.

The pockets, as well as the lining and side ties, were all made from left overs from a layer cake. 
I'm sure we all have a few of those! 

In this next set of photos, the top two photos show the patchwork pocket from above sewn onto the gusset and the bag lining inserted.  

The bottom left photo shows the gusset, and bottom right shows the back patchwork pocket.

This is when the handles would be attached but I chose not to have handles and use it as a shoulder bag. It's really cute with the handles though, isn't it? (see main photo above)

The interior lining pocket is hard to see so I marked it with yellow arrows.
I wanted to have a little pop of whimsy so I chose this fun, lime green dragonflies print. 

The pattern allows for dividing the interior pocket as you desire.  I chose three sections, one being just an inch wide to accommodate a pen.  I'm forever digging in the bottom of my bag for a pen.

And here's my finished bag. Cute!

Patchwork Fabric:  Sylvia Layer Cake by Windham Fabrics
Body Fabric:  Little Dots by Michael Miller Fabrics
Bag Lining:  Dragonfly Lining by Northcott Fabrics

Fabrics shown can be found here.

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copyright January, 2015 Tillalili, LLC - all rights reserved

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