Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hugs All Around

I love making pillows!  When you don't have enough time for a large project and need some instant gratification, a mini charm pack pillow is a great, quick project.  

I recently got on board with a project planner, and I'm so glad I did.  Choosing a planner wasn't easy. There's so many good ones.  I ultimately chose the "Scrappy Project Planner" by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet.  Not only can you plan and design your own projects, Lori also included patterns. There's a great section on Tips & Organizing, too!

So the other night I grabbed my new planner and a Coney Island Mini Charm Pack and sketched out a simple design I'm calling "Hugs All Around". With a little help from my calculator, I did the math.  Some times the calculations are trial an error, but you can always add to the border if the "calculator" didn't work. (wink wink)

I like to lay out my mini charms and take a photo once I find what looks good to me.  There's no right or wrong to this step.  It all depends on what looks good to you. Having the photo saves a lot of time if the mini charms get mixed up while stitching.  I like to chain stitch when I can and most times the layout gets messed up.  Just refer back to your photo and save lots of time! 

Once the top was pieced came the decision all quilters struggle with.... How do I quilt it? 
I, personally, love straight line quilting and crosshatching for pillows, but this pillow will be used in my quilt show display among other pillows with those types of quilting.

I wanted to do something different this time to make the pillow, and display, stand out. I tried circular quilting once before and it was a disastrous fail.  I didn't think I would ever try it again, but I felt my quilting skills have steadily improved enough to give it another try.

I've been asked several times how I did the circular quilting.  I started by making a small circle in the center.  I actually used the bottom cap from a spool of Aurifil thread.  Did you know the bottom cap comes off?  I didn't know that for the longest time.  That's where the end of the thread is to start the spool. (ugh)  I traced around the cap for my starting circle.  For the next circle, and all the circles after, I followed the previous stitches as a guide for my pressure foot.

You have to go slow and ease your project into the curve. Don't lift your pressure foot and turn the pillow.  It will give you jagged points. Have patience and go slow. This pillow took more than 4 HOURS to quilt, so I quilted it over 2 days.  

Once the quilting was done, I squared it and made a simple envelope back.  I didn't have any Coney Island yardage yet for the binding, but rather than wait, I chose a complimentary print from Strawberry Fields Revisited I had in stock.  It had most of the colors in Coney Island and matched beautifully. 

Hope you like my new pillow pattern "Hugs All Around"  

I would love to know if you are interested in a free tutorial for this pillow pattern.  
Please leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks!! 

Fabric Shown:  Coney Island (available in my Etsy Shop)
Designer:  Fig Tree and Co.
Manufacturer:  Moda Fabrics
20" Pillow Insert:  IKEA $6

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My 1st Printed Pattern

My "Oh Those X's" printed pattern is here!!!   The excitement level exceeded my expectations!  This is as exciting as the first time I sold a PDF version!It's thrilling to think someone wants to make a quilt I designed! ...and very humbling. 

Anyway, let me tell you about the printed pattern....
The cover is a heavier weight but not quite a card stock.  It folds smoothly with the professionally made crease.  The 
instruction pages are a medium weight, satin paper.

I chose satin since it has less glare than glossy, but still has clear crisp text and diagrams.

I tried to think of the user, you, when it came to these choices.

If you like a printed pattern, you will love this pattern!

"Oh Those X's" PDF pattern and printed pattern are now available in my Etsy shop
If you prefer Craftsy, the PDF version is available there.  

Hope you enjoy making it!

 I would love to see your finished quilts.  
Tag me on Instagram @tillalili. 

Quilt shown on pattern:
Block fabric:  Lulu Lane by Corey Yoder
Background:  Moda Bella Solids 9900-98
Binding:  Sundrops by Corey Yoder

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pattern Testing

Did you know that a quilt pattern is tested by several quilters before it's published?
The testers follow the pattern word for word to be sure all the instructions work, are clear, and all the measurements are correct. 

I went one step further.  Not only did I make a quilt while I was writing the pattern, I made a second quilt with the finished pattern.  By following the finished pattern myself, I am able to insure you are getting an easy-to-follow great pattern, without errors.

For the first quilt I used a Vintage Picnic Charm Pack by Bonnie and Camille for the blocks, white yardage for the background, and Vintage Picnic prints for the border and binding.

For the second quilt I used a Lulu Lane Charm Pack for the blocks, white yardage for the background and borders, and a print from Sundrops for the binding.  Both collections are by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts. 

As you can see, I added a printed border on my first version on the left.
When I saw the quilt (below) made by Lindsey, one of the testers, I loved the way her version looked with a white border.  I changed the pattern and gave directions for the white border.  It can still easily be a printed border if that's what you prefer. 

I give several different options for fabric in the pattern so you can use what you have, and what you like. 

tested quilt by Lindsey of Pen and Paper Patterns
Lindsey used scraps for her blocks and white yardage.

Several talented quilters tested the pattern.  It's always fun to get updates while the pattern is being tested. I'll be showing peeks at the progress photos so check my blog again soon! 

I'll also be posting tips and tricks for easy pattern construction.  You won't want to miss it! 

The collections mentioned in this blog post
are currently available in my Etsy shop.
Vintage Picnic 
Lulu Lane
and more!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Oh Those X's

It's official!  Today I became a published quilt pattern designer!

Oh Those X's is a fun baby size quilt for skilled beginners and above.  

Prior experience and knowledge of squaring HSTs is required. 

The quilt has 9 blocks and finishes at 40" x 40".

Best part, it only takes ONE print Charm Pack, and ONE white Charm Pack.
I also included options for using scraps and yardage. 

The pattern includes: 
-- 6 pages of fully illustrated instructions. 
-- Pressing directions to minimize bulk in seams. 
-- AND, a fun and innovative shortcut to making cornerstones. 
Once you've tried my shortcut, you won't want to cut another individual cornerstone!

Check out "Oh Those X's" on Craftsy.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Wistful Winds Blog Tour Stop

Welcome to my stop on the Wistful Winds Blog Tour!

The blog tour is almost at an end and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of it. I follow an incredibly talented group of Makers! Did you see the great things they made?!  Scroll down for the full list and links. 

The next, and final stop is the designer herself, Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs.  You don't want to miss her heart warming post.  Shari shares her story about the inspiration for her new collection. 

When I saw this fabric collection with all the bright "HAPPY" colors, I knew it would be a perfect match for the "Sunkissed Blossoms" quilt pattern I designed. I added borders to one of the quilt blocks to create this fun pillow. All the bright, vibrant colors are inspiring! I know you will be inspired by them too!

I usually don't bind my pillow covers but this multi colored stripe is the perfect finish to this pillow cover. Don't you agree? 

A simple crosshatch quilting really enhanced the pillow nicely. 
It's my fav type of straight line quilting!

Wistful Winds is so inspiring that I've already planned a mate to this pillow. The yellow is a beautiful shade and such a happy color that I want to make it the star of the pillow.  

If this collection has sparked your creativity like it has mine, it will be in stock in my Etsy shop starting 10/25/16.  Follow me on Instagram for more info. 

To see the full Wistful Winds collection visit Riley Blake Designs

I hope you enjoyed your stop here!  
If you like my Sunkissed Blossoms block, I'm happy to say the quilt pattern is currently in the testing stages and will be ready for purchase soon. (yay!)

Now hop on over to Shari's blog for the last stop on the tour and find out more about this fabulous fabric collection.  

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